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The Apex of Raleigh Homes In The Research Triangle


Apex Beginnings

What’s the big deal about Apex in the Raleigh real estate market? In many ways this little antiquated town is the high point of the entire Raleigh and Research Triangle area. Were it not for the railroads in the 19th century and their importance in the logging industry, the entire region may not exist as it does today at all. Apex was the natural selection for the center of real estate activity because of its High Point geographically. The Central Station was built and immunity naturally grew around it. Like much of the region, it didn’t really take off until the fifties when the concept of the Research Triangle was formulated. During its history, Apex suffered several fires the last of which destroyed the entire downtown area. this was met with a resilience and resolve to make the town both as indestructible by fire as possible and to keep it 18th and 19th century feel and look preserved. The result is a downtown district with vintage styled building that are much more impervious to fire and a look and feel that permeates everywhere with the ambiance of the early railroad days responsible for the founding of this town.

A Destination Home In Apex

Apex has become a very popular suburb destination for those finding employment and careers in Raleigh and elsewhere in the Research Triangle. Correspondingly the median price for a home is higher than some areas of North Carolina at $378,829. Right now, the market is in a cool phase and homes are actually closing lower than the average listing price of $436,002. The average price tens higher than the overall Raleigh metro area. The same holds true of home rental prices.

Economic Influences

The health of the Apex economy is reflected in the very low mortgage delinquency rate which was last reported at 0.6%. Foreclosure rates in Apex are currently at 0%, an enviable statistic that bests both Metro and National comparisons. The influx of people moving to the Raleigh area for jobs and careers seem to provide an endless upward growth curve in this market.

Homes in Apex, NC tend to be newer. The average age of a home is 37 years. They are also larger with an average square footage of 2718 ft.². No wonder a correctly price to home can go from listing to pending sale in as little as 22 days.

Apex Homes are spacious and look nice

A Great Place To Live

Its motto, The peak of good living, is bolstered by the fact that Apex was recently named the number one best place to live in the United States by Money Magazine. Apex not only provides ideal housing for those with work in the Research Triangle cities, but it growing so consistently that it has created its own economy. Recreated downtown buildings and refurbished store fronts with specialty boutiques, galleries and local shops and eateries provide ample walking for everyone but the city also provides public parks and green spaces with miles of walking trails. These are some of the reasons that Forbes Magazine listed Apex in the top 10 communities in the nation.


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The Apex of Raleigh Homes In The Research Triangle

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